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What Your Business Needs to Do to Start the Year Wisely Infographic

2017 Checklist: What Your Business Needs to Do to Start the Year Wisely

New beginnings can be looked at in a myriad of ways: positively, negatively, pragmatically, stoically, and so on. If you’re one who holds new years in a high note, then you’re sure to hope for the best in 2017—like the past years as they started. Others can be unconcerned, at worst be apathetic, and just go on with their daily grind. Not saying this is wrong, mind you.

No matter how you look at it, the new year is about to give another set of challenges—other chances to grow, opportunities to take, and lessons to learn. But before that, you have to be prepared for them. Check out the What Your Business Needs to Do to Start the Year Wisely Infographic to know how you and your business can have a fresh start to be wiser.

If you hold on to the thought that how you start your year will affect the rest it, then stop. It doesn’t work that way. Just stop. You may start the year in a good mood, but someone or something may ruin parts of it. Or the other way around: 2017 may start in a bad way, but someone or something will turn all of it around. When you begin your day, does it always stay good or bad?

And there’s the lesson there: don’t just wait for your year, or day, to be magically fixed. It’s your effort that will get you through the day or through the year. You decide your own future. A more familiar version of that is, “Life is what you make it.”

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  • A new year sure is a good way to start fresh and have a positive outlook for your business also a great opportunity for looking into your business on what should change or stay. Since here in the Philippines, January is renewal of necessary permits of businesses and legal compliance is compulsory since you can not legally operate your business.

  • Need to re organize and sort out those that are not needed.