How To Build A Career Even If You Are Still Unemployed Infographic

How To Build A Career Even If You Are Still Unemployed Infographic

How To Build A Career Even If You Are Still Unemployed Infographic

If you've just graduated from school, you're probably already looking for a job. While there's a multitude of jobs available, there's still that possibility of not having one immediately. The question in mind then is, "What do I do to build my career while I'm still unemployed". Here's a short list and an infographic as well that can answer that question.

1. Learn new things

"Sharpening the saw" can help you in two ways. First, arming yourself with the right knowledge can prepare you for anything when you're already employed. Secondly, it sends the impression that you are willing to learn anything to get the job done. Other than that, challenging yourself mentally is always good because it helps you develop mental endurance - a trait employers look for.

2. Get a part time job (or two)

Getting a part time job prepares you for the professional landscape, primarily because it teaches you how to deal with other people. Getting two or more part time jobs, helps you twice as much but with an added incentive: you're telling employers that you can handle anything in large quantities. Again, something employers find admirable in a job candidate.

3. Volunteer

While getting part time jobs shows that you have the time management and mental endurance to get things done, volunteering shows that you care. As cheesy as it may sound, employers aren't only looking for robots who can perform efficiently and without tiring. They're also looking for sensitive people who can resonate with others not only as a colleague but as a completely human person who cares.

4. Invest in an online presence

A lot of employers these days are looking at social media platforms to determine a candidate's eligibility for employment. So it goes without saying that cleaning your Facebook and Twitter photos of last Saturday night's beer festivities is a must. But investing in an online presence requires more than that.

If you want to present yourself as an individual who's professional and can take on the world, you might want to get a blog and talk about what it is that you're passionate about. That said, you might want to talk about something that's relevant to your chosen profession or occupation.

Leverage the power of online marketing and come up with a personal brand of your own. Showcase who you are in an authentic but professional way and employers will by very excited to meet you.

5. Connect with other people

This isn't limited to Facebook or LinkedIn contacts. This goes for offline engagements as well! If you're in the IT industry, attend IT-related events and talk to people, make new friends and talk about something that you're passionate about. Besides learning new things in these events, you get to connect and share your knowledge. Word of mouth can work for you as well.

6. Do more research on lucrative industries

While you might already have an industry you want to work in, it's best to do some more research on what other industries you can work in as alternatives. That said, here's a helpful article on the trends of the job search industry. Doing research on lucrative industries not only increases your chances of getting jobs, it also increases your income potential.

7. Optimize your resume

That's about it. What do you think? What kind of activities did/should you partake in while still unemployed? Keep in mind that recruiters has their eyes out for candidates who have a strong achiever pattern and it’s mark by motivation to take care on extra responsibilities.

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