The Best US Colleges & Universities Salaries Potential Infographic

The Best US Colleges & Universities Salaries Potential Infographic

The Best US Colleges & Universities Salaries Potential Infographic

What do we expect from college? Is it easy to pick the one that will correspond our expectations? The Best US Colleges & Universities Salaries Potential Infographic can be useful for this questions.

Let’s assume that there are two ways of making the final decision about what college to enter. The one way is, let’s say, the romantic one and the other is the practical one.

The romantic way is based on the idea that studying in college can challenge you intellectually and give you the life experience that will help you understand more about your future changing from young adult to an adult. While the practical way is salary-based, which means that the income you will get after graduating from one or another college is taken under serious consideration.

The point is that you can enter almost every college to receive your desired intellectual challenge and life experience. However, where will it ultimately lead you? Sure, nobody wants to live with their parents after graduation instead of having a good career with high income that will provide you with your own property.

Therefore, while we don’t have any intentions to forbid you to choose the college according to your romantic desires, we kindly advise you to consider the practical side of studying.

Let’s move on. What must the university have to let you get your financial stability? Who has the financial stability? It must be the graduates from the Ivy League Schools! They must be the biggest earners!

So, should you apply for the entrance exam to Yale, Harvard or Princeton to have a financially successful career? Not necessary, actually. If we look through the Forbes’ list of colleges which ranked them according to incomes of their graduates, we will see that while some of the Ivy League Schools are in top 10 the top 3 belongs to not so well known colleges.

The markets change, so does the popularity among the professions. A bachelor in arts or in engineering from some college in New York can have bigger incomes than a bachelor in law from Harvard.

So, when picking a college think about skills it can equip you with and whether they’ll help you achieve your financial stability.

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