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Benefits of a Digital Campus in Education Infographic

Benefits of a Digital Campus in Education Infographic

A digital campus is an online environment and community that transcends the physical campus in an educational organization of any shape and size. Many educational organizations are currently faced with the unavoidable fact that the digital campus is becoming a fundamental part of student life. Student portal software can help organizations to join up disparate systems into one convenient place for users, on any device. But what are the benefits of investing in a digital campus?

The Benefits of a Digital Campus in Education Infographic outlines what role the digital campus plays in education, what the benefits are and who it can be used by. A digital campus improves student engagement. It also supports the student’s journey by helping them find courses, communicate with staff, access academic resources, news, library loans and other information all from one site. It can help a university meet needs of student prospects, applicants, current students, staff, alumni and the public.

Via: www.collabco.co.uk

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