The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher Infographic

The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher Infographic

The Anatomy Of a Primary School Teacher Infographic

Those of you with primary school jobs will be all too familiar with the near super-human talents of primary school teachers, the eyes in the back of their head and their commanding, bone-chilling teacher voice. But what about the more overlooked attributes? This infographic will help you understand what makes teachers so perfect for jobs in schools.

Students up and down the country will have recently received their degrees, and some are soon to receive their A Level results. Therefore, their career paths will be fresh in their minds, and choosing the right path can be difficult at the best of times!

Edustaff have created The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher Infographic, detailing what it takes to be a great teacher and what character traits they possess - hopefully offering another option for students that they may not, as of yet, considered.

Characteristics include:

  • An academic brain - A teacher’s mind works in mysterious ways but what we do know is that the vast majority have an academic brain, with 96 per cent educated to degree level or higher.
  • Quick Witted - if you’re a primary school teacher you need to be quick witted. Don’t be caught out by a sharp student - know your spellings and sums to avoid any embarrassing moments.
  • Creative - A creative mind can go a long way at primary school. How do you make grammar fun? You will need tons of ideas to keep lessons interesting and engaging!
  • Stamina – Every teacher knows that the working day doesn’t finish when the school bell rings. You have lots of planning and prepping to do before you can unwind but it’s totally worth it!
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