9 Traits of Successful eLearning Developers Infographic

9 Traits of Successful eLearning Developers Infographic

9 Traits of Successful eLearning Developers Infographic

Becoming a successful elearning developer takes time and effort. This list of 9 traits will help you become successful as well. What is a better way to represent those skills than a human body. Body parts are all important- even those you can’t see. They work together and play vital role for human to exist. Similarly, to be successful elearning developer you need to have those traits but they also need to work together.

1. Brains

eLearning Developers- well develop and create courses. You need to be able to understand how to create those an if-then statement but also be creative and be able to solve problems.

2. Tongue

As it is probably no surprise to you, tongue represents verbal skills. Effective communication with subject matter experts or clients is essential in your success. You need to not only be able to understand what they want, but also effectively translate content into course material.

3. Heart

Heart in human body pumps blood to different organs and it keeps you alive. When you are a developer and you put your heart into your work and you believe in what you are doing, it will reflect in your work. Your courses will be more interesting and touching.

4. Strong Stomach

Digesting food, even the one you don’t enjoy eating is vital in your life. Similarly, as a elearning developer you will need to spend time on Quality Analysis. You may not enjoy it, but you have to know when and how to suck it up, and get the job done.

5. Intestinal Fortitude

Some eLearning projects seem to drag on forever. So sometimes you’re gonna have to put with some crap longer that you like sometimes.

6. Good Hands

As a developer you will be working with different design tools. You got to know how to use them and be efficient with them to get the job done.

7. Thought Joints

You will need to be ready for many changes from your SME’s and Clients. Their goals may change. You don’t want to blow out your knee every time they change the direction.

8. Thick skin

Let’s be hones- even when you create the best ideas, the SME or clients may just disagree without any particular reasons. Thick skin will help you not to take it personal and just keep going.

9. Quick Feet

As an environment constantly changes, you need to keep up and keep your feet in motion. Stay motivated and just keep on going.

Keeping in mind and working on those 9 traits will ensure success for eLearning Developers.

Via: http://ezlearnin.com/traits-of-successful-elearning-developers/
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