7 Essential Project Management Skills Infographic

CV Writing Tips: 7 Essential Project Management Skills Infographic

CV Writing Tips: 7 Essential Project Management Skills

When writing your CV as a project manager it’s important to show employers how you can deliver a project from inception to completion and describe the impact of your work. Although every project manager’s CV will be unique, there are certain skills that are essential to all project managers.

1. Scheduling

Effective scheduling is crucial to the success of a project, so it’s important to include it in your CV. Demonstrate your ability to plan and arrange activities to be completed in time with project expectations.

2. Cost control

In order for a project to be delivered within budget, cost control is vital. When writing your CV ensure that you include the budgets you manage, optimal allocation of spending and cost effective vendor relationships

3. Risk management

Every project faces risks that have the potential to derail it’s success. A strong project manager’s CV should give solid examples of controlling risk to show project sponsors that you are able limit their effects.

4. Leadership

If you’re going to lead a project through to successful delivery, it stands to reason that you should posses sound leadership skills. Use your CV to detail the teams you manage and how you drive them towards deliverables.

5. Methodologies

Methodologies are rigorous systems of methods which are used to keep projects on track and drive them forward. Whether you utilise Prince2, Agile or any other methodology, employers need to know your experience, knowledge and qualifications in those areas.

6. Business case writing

Justifying project initiation, spending and resource allocation often requires a strong and coherent business case. The ability to write or at lease contribute to a business case is therefore a valuable skill for your CV.

7. Delivery

The ultimate measure of success for a project manager is the results they deliver. Clearly explain the benefits your projects have provided and use figures where possible to quantify your value.

Via: http://standout-cv.com/pages/project-manager-cv-example
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