4 eLearning Trends To Watch Infographic

4 eLearning Trends To Watch Infographic

4 eLearning Trends To Watch Infographic

Online options are growing, and the classroom format is changing to incorporate the technology. The 4 eLearning Trends To Watch Infographic presents a few trends on the cusp of explosive growth this year, including big data, mobile learning, personalization and edutainment.

1. Big Data

Big Data = Big Results

By tracking where students struggle, excel, spend the most time, and individual learner and group patterns, eLearning professionals can understand how learners are digesting the information and pinpoint areas that may need to be fine-tuned within a course.

2. Mobile Learning

Learn anywhere at any time.

With mobile use continually on the rise, it’s becoming an increasingly dominate medium for learning material. Little screens means delivering content in smaller, more digestible, easily-sharable chunks in the form of photos, infographics, short sentences, and quotes.

3. Personalization

Mass Customization
Mass Production

Student-centered courses are moving from an option to a must-have feature. The more customization available for students the better. With data telling eLearning professionals and educators how students are performing in real time, and what concepts they are struggling or excelling with, no two eLearning experiences should be the same.

4. Edutainment

Less lecturing, more doing.

Edutainment (educational entertainment) and gamification engage and motivate students to achieve goals through active learning. Based on Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience, only 10% of learners remember what they read, 20% remember what they hear, 30% will remember what they see and hear, but a whopping 90% will remember a task they do themselves, even if it’s only in simulation.

Via: http://www.wherelearningclicks.com/the-future-of-education-4-trends-in-e-learning-to-watch-infographic/
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