3 Types Of Motivation

3 Types Of Motivation Infographic

Whether its getting to the gym, writing that personal blog post, networking with professionals developing your app and more, we always need motivation to get these things done. Sometimes it's tough to understand what motivates us best. However, generally speaking, there are three types of motivation that we can experience -each with their own benefits and drawbacks. So what kind of motivation do you find works for you?

The first is Extrinsic motivation, meaning you are motivated by external rewards and reinforcers. For example, praise or awards.

The second type of motivation is Intrinsic, meaning you are motivated by internal rewards and reinforcers. For example, a sense of achievement.

The third type of motivation is addiction, which is unhealthy and toxic. In this case, the rewards of an activity fade off and you're left only with the reinforcement.

While the last type of motivation should not be encouraged, the first two are how most educators and leaders can encourage people to participate. How can you incorporate Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivations into your learning strategy?

Via: https://venngage.com/templates/infographics/3-types-of-motivation-comparison-656cd4cd-0087-4c70-b162-4ee0b196f59b
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