3 Factors To Consider Before AI Adoption

3 Factors To Consider Before AI Adoption Infographic

Almost 37% of organizations have invested $5 million or more in cognitive technologies, states a survey by Deloitte. Inside and under every app we use every day there lies the revolution of technology. A revolution that started decades ago is now empowering organizations to deliver better and smarter services. 30% of the global market will have one fragment of AI used in their sales processes by 2020, says a 2016 research by Gartner.

The demand for artificial intelligence professionals has rapidly increased. But since AI adoption is still in its infancy there is a dearth for talent. There is no doubt that the AI is going to grow, however, we need to realize that this is going to cause a major impact to the society if this skill-gap won’t be filled in due time. The infographic clearly shows 3 major factors to consider before adopting AI.

Some of the greatest in-demand skills include projects managers, AI researchers, data scientists, AI software developers, business leaders (to interpret AI results), user experience designers, subject matter experts, change management, and transformation experts etc.

If you’re aiming to fill the AI gaps, it is highly recommended to enroll in an artificial intelligence certification program today. The world is in dire need for AI professionals. Taking up a credible certification course will help break AI barriers. Stop thinking and start learning today

Via: https://www.artiba.org/Content/Images/3-factors-to-consider-before-ai-adoption.jpg
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