2019 Instructional Design Trends & Learning Trends

2019 Instructional Design Trends & Learning Trends Infographic

Recently, one of the biggest shifts in L&D thinking is that workplace learning can be considered an ecosystem. Not a random collection of courses and workshops and webinars, but a complex, integrated system of formal and informal learning. Learning is not an event, but a journey. Every moment we take in information—from media, from our peers, from content an organization controls and content it does not—is a step in that learning journey.

But in L&D organizations, there are common challenges... sticking points that are holding the ecosystem back from evolving. This graphic highlights those sticking points, and the solutions that are emerging and shaping 2019 instructional design trends and learning trends.

As these solutions come into the mainstream and are integrated within the whole, we’ll see L&D shedding its skin, and emerging with vibrant colors that will attract talented professionals who will help continue this evolution!

Via: https://elearningindustry.com/2019-instructional-design-trends-learning-trends-ecosystem-evolves
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