2015 Business eLearning Trends Infographic

2015 Business eLearning Trends Infographic

2015 Business eLearning Trends Infographic

Learning has moved away from the conventional classroom training. In the business world, the focus of learning has moved from a learner-centric approach to a business-centric approach that focuses on strategic alignment. This change in focus has transformed the way learning is designed and delivered.

Keeping this in mind, the 2015 Business eLearning Trends Infographic presents 6 trends that will be setting the stage for the business world in 2015. These trends actually show that how fast eLearning trends are changing and evolving. Technically speaking, earlier the classroom training was considered as most relevant training methods but with changing times the learning trends have also changed.

1. Mobile Learning

With more people owning a mobile phone, the way people access information will shift to the mobile phone.

2. Personalized Learning

An offshoot of big data and analytics, personalized learning will be the nucleus of all learning experiences in 2015. Experience API - a web service that collects employee's learning data will collect self-driven or informal learning, as well as formal learning experiences. With a bird's eye view of learner's learning style, trainers will be able to personalize learning to fit the needs of individual learners.

3. Cloud LMS

4. Gamification

Helps boast

  • knowledge
  • workflow
  • satisfaction
  • retention
  • performance
  • loyalty
  • efficiency
  • revenue

5. Social Learning

Social interactions play a key role in

  • confidence
  • motivation
  • engagement
  • willingness to engage in teaming

6. Big Data and Analytics

Big data – the mounds of information that used to waste away until recently, will now be utilized to measure, collect, analyze and report data related to learning. It can be used to predict human behavior, individual learning styles and provide insightful information on how learners learn and what works/does not work.

Via: http://www.24x7learning.com/newsletter/2015/images/infographic.jpg
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