2014 Best US Colleges Infographic

The 2014 Best US Colleges Infographic presents the top 10 universities of 2014, which offer graduate and post graduate degrees. These colleges are well reputed and are in position from past 25 years and which spans both the coasts.

The college which has hit the number one place in the top 10 is Princeton University, located in New Jersey, founded in 1746. Student independent work is a hallmark of undergraduate education at Princeton. Number two ranking university is Harvard University which was ranked number one in the yesteryear. It is located in Cambridge, founded in 1636. Third university being the Yale University located at New Haven and founded in 1701. Yale law school is the most preferred Law School in the country. The top charged college in this list is the Columbia University ranking 4th and lowest charged university Princeton University ranking 1st.

Via: http://www.universitycourses.org/top-10-national-universities.html
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