10 Warning Signs Of Unhappy Employees

10 Warning Signs Of Unhappy Employees Infographic

Happy and engaged employees make the best workers. They are12% more productive, they genuinely care about your business, and they would willingly put in extra hours and effort without having to ask them so that you achieve your business goals.

The fact that businesses with engaged employees reap revenue that is 26% higher than a business with unhappy and dissatisfied employees further attests to that.

On the other hand, unhappy employees are 10% less productive. They are also 11 times more likely to exit your company a year after—leaving you short-handed and hounded with an issue on employee retention.

If these statistics still don’t alarm you, maybe knowing that having disengaged and unhappy employees can be very costly. Yes, you read that right. Disengaged employees can really hurt your company’s financial standing. In fact, disengaged and unhappy employees cost the American economy $450-billion to $550-billion due to lost productivity per year.

Obviously, nobody wants that much loss, especially when you know that it could have been prevented or remedied. Prevention of loss due to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement requires being vigilant of the symptoms early on. As with common illnesses, the early detection of these symptoms can make a lot of difference.

The signs are easy enough to observe. Just keep your eyes peeled for them. Better yet, consult this infographic and let it serve as your checklist of warning signs of how unhappy employees behave. Be on alert for these signs so you can act accordingly.

Via: https://guthriejensen.com/blog/warning-signs-unhappy-employees-infographic/
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