8 Reasons Why Open Badges Are Awesome Infographic

8 Reasons Why Open Badges Are Awesome Infographic

8 Reasons Why Open Badges Are Awesome Infographic

Are you looking for a fresh approach to recognising your learners skills? Open Badges is a program by Mozilla that issues digital badges to recognize skills and achievements. The 8 Reasons Why Open Badges Are Awesome Infographic presents the usefulness of badges as digital indicators of skills learned inside or outside the classroom.

1. Verify your skills

Employers, organizations & schools can explore the data behind every badge issued to verify individuals’ skills and competencies.

2. Free & Open Source

Badges are free and open to anyone to use as part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission. This means that improvements made by one partner can benefit everyone, from bug fixes to new features.

3. No restrictions

Using free software and an open technical standard means that any organization can create, issue and verify digital badges, and any user can earn, manage and display these badges all across the web.

4. Knit your skills together

Badges can build upon each other, joining together to tell the full story of your skills and achievements.

5. Store important information

Each badge links back to the issuer, the criteria it was issued under and evidence verifying the credential.

6. Take your badges everywhere

Users now have an easy and comprehensive 'way to collect their badges in a single backpack, and display their skills and achievements on web, social media and job sites.

7. Earn badges online & offline

Earn badges from many different places, both online and offline. Then manage and share them using the Open Badges backpack.

8. Create learning pathways

Learners can pledge to follow a similar path linked with their skills, or can design their own customized career pathway from scratch.

Via: http://www.learningpool.com/8-reasons-why-open-badges-are-awesome
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