Engaging Students in eLearning Infographic

Engaging Your Students in eLearning can be rather difficult. By following these 5 tips presented in the Engaging Students in eLearning Infographic, you should be able to create an engaging online course in no time.

5 Tips To Engage Your Students in eLearning

  1. Stay Relevant
    All content, heading, and subheading should be relevant to the course.
  2. Stay Organized
    Keep the screen neat and clutter-free. You never want to distract the student from your content.
  3. Keep it Interesting
    Both your content and your design should be interesting to the student.
  4. Remain Up-To-Date
    Update your course often to ensure your content is always accurate.
  5. Add Interactions
    Only add interaction that are necessary, such as links, videos, or file downloads.
Via: http://www.elearningonlinetrainingsoftware.com/5-dos-for-engaging-your-students/
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