10 Must Use Strategies to Engage and Train the Overwhelmed Employees

10 Must Use Strategies to Engage and Train the Overwhelmed Employees Infographic

10 Must Use Strategies to Engage and Train the Overwhelmed Employees—Infographic

Today, the concept of work-life balance is getting lost. With the blurred line of when the work ends and personal time begins, the overwhelmed employee is now visible across all industry verticals.

  • Although these overwhelmed employees would love to put in lesser hours than what they usually do, the fact remains that a large percentage of the workforce is putting in close to 50 hours per week.
  • During the workday, there are distractions of incoming emails, messages, plus scheduled calls or meetings. As a result, the uninterrupted window of time shrinks further and further.

The bottom line is, Overwhelmed employees = Low engagement and low motivation to invest time on training.

So, how can the L&D team get to engage them and ensure that they invest the requisite time on training?

Take a look at this Infographic, where we share 10 L&D strategies that you can use to engage and train these overwhelmed employees. This is not all – we also share 5 tips that you can use to sustain this momentum.

Overwhelmed employees too want to improve their situation. However, they will invest time on learning if it is aligned to their lifestyle and is available within their workflow. Only then will they be motivated to carve out time for training. The featured strategies and tips are aligned to help you in this endeavor.

We hope this Infographic provides the strategies and tips that you can use to engage your overwhelmed employees and meet your mandate.

Via: https://www.eidesign.net/infographics-strategies-engage-train-overwhelmed-employees/
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