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A Passport to Global Citizenship Infographic

A Passport to Global Citizenship Infographic

As children of the 21st Century grow up with the technologies that—once upon a time—were considered science fiction, they don’t find the ability to video chat with someone in a different country to be groundbreaking at all; in fact, they don’t know a world without this wide-reaching ability to communicate almost instantly. The Passport to Global Citizenship Infographic discusses the importance of teaching students about the power of the technology they use, and how they can become citizens of a global community.

The skills covered are: learning a foreign language, building relationship skills, cultivating creativity and innovation, learning to solve problems, and knowing that global citizenship is a mindset, not an elective

Graduates are more likely to find themselves living abroad; they should be prepared to succeed anywhere in the world. Success in the inter-connected world of tomorrow means more than just learning a foreign language.


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