Working With eLearning Vendors: The Why, How, And What

Working with eLearning Vendors: The Why, How, and What

Working With eLearning Vendors: The Why, How, And What—Infographic

If you're planning to work with an eLearning vendor, you might have a lot of questions. Find answers to some of those questions here.

Why Do You Need eLearning Vendors?

  • They help you focus on your core business. Stick to your core competencies. Investing in an in-house eLearning development team is an additional expense that can be avoided when you decide to outsource eLearning development.
  • They have expertise in eLearning development. Having spent years perfecting the various mechanisms involved in designing and developing eLearning courses, eLearning vendors have the required expertise.
  • They achieve faster turnaround time. eLearning vendors have the expertise in rapid authoring tools and are used to design and develop courses with faster turn around time.

How Do You Choose The Right eLearning Vendor?

1. Check If eLearning Is Their Core Business

Choose a vendor whose core business is eLearning development, as they can provide complete attention to the project.

2. Check Their Project Management Process

Get a clear idea of the processes followed by the vendor and ensure that they can provide a dedicated project manager for the project.

3. Check For Similar Samples And Testimonials

Take a look at the eLearning vendor's portfolio of samples and client testimonials to understand how successful they were in delivering courses as per clients' requirements.

What Are The Ways To Establish A Successful Partnership With Your eLearning Vendor?

  • Avoid pointing fingers
    To overcome issues (if any), collaborate and brainstorm to arrive at logical solutions.
  • Communicate clearly
    Communicate your goals and vision clearly. Also, convey any preferences and/or restrictions you might have regarding the development of the eLearning course.
  • Always have a dedicated point of contact
    Fix a single point of contact at your end to interact with the eLearning vendor. This eases the communication process.
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