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Why Virtual Reality Works For Corporate Learning Infographic

Why Virtual Reality Works For Corporate Learning Infographic

The Why Virtual Reality Works for Corporate Learning Infographic explores why VR is effective for workplace training based on the results of a pilot study.

Virtual Reality has been rated by the L&D Global Sentiment Survey as the fourth-hottest workplace trend for 2017. Sponge‘s first pilot study into the use of virtual reality for workplace learning suggests that yes, you should believe the hype. Participants found VR to be significantly more enjoyable, significantly easier to concentrate on and provided greater learning satisfaction than the other popular digital learning methods used in the study.

The research compared mobile VR delivered using smartphones and headsets, a four-page online PDF document and a gamified elearning interaction. The VR learning was successful for teaching observational skills and decision-making and the results demonstrated that VR is at least as effective as the other learning methods in terms of knowledge acquisition and retention. VR also yielded high ratings on confidence to apply the learning.

Find all the results in the full whitepaper here.


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