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Why Teachers Spend Their Own Money Infographic

Why Teachers Spend Their Own Money Infographic

Grantmamas collected data from more than 1,000 teachers to shed light on how much money teachers are spending in their classrooms, how they feel about the lack of funding in schools, and their opinions about alternative funding options. The results are presented in the Why Teachers Spend Their Own Money Infographic.

Respondents submitted answers to a series of multiple-choice questions for a chance to win a gift certificate to buy supplies for their classroom and Grantmamas’ School Grants Made Easy online training program. Survey questions focused on teachers’ spending habits – how much money they spend on supplies for their classroom, what they buy, and if they have obtained outside funding for their classroom. Respondents were also asked about alternative funding options – where they’ve received additional funding from, if they have written grants for their classroom, if they would be open to parents assisting with writing grant proposals, and more.

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