Why Should Your School Have An App?

Why Should Your School Have An App?

Why Should Your School Have An App?—Infographic

Enhance parent-teacher communication.

1. Manage Multiple Classes

Your own app helps you manage multiple classes instead of relying on chat platforms that make communication clutter.

2. Improve Communication

Parents and teachers can communicate better by sharing posts, comments, and likes. Your own app will create a lot of structure in communication.

3. Share The Timetable

It becomes easy to send individual class timetables to specific class groups for parents to view online. No more printing and wasting paper.

4. Receive Fees Online

Your app gives you control over collecting payments safely. You will also be able to send reminders on payment dues and confirm receipt from parents.

5. Upload Photos/Videos

You will be able to take pictures and share in different class groups about various activities. Parents will know the school happenings.

6. Broadcast Or Communicate One-On-One

Choose how you wish to communicate with parents—all together or in private. Have complete control and flexibility in managing communication for your school.

Via: http://blog.onne.world/why-should-your-school-have-an-app/
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