What’s New in Moodle 3.0 Infographic

What’s New in Moodle 3.0 Infographic

What’s New in Moodle 3.0 Infographic

Are you interested in the new features of Moodle 3.0 and what was added in version 3.0.1 made available for download a few days later? Here, you can view a quick guide infographic on the latest version of this open source learning management system (LMS), plus a summary of this release and the 3.0.1 iteration.

Moodle was already the world’s most popular software for creating online learning environments. It is used by thousands of schools, universities, businesses, training providers and government bodies worldwide. For those of you who are looking at LMS solutions and would benefit from the potential cost savings, flexibility and future-proofness of open source technology, here’s why Moodle version 3.0 is a big deal:

For Teachers

  • 4 New Interactive Question Types for quiz activities
  • Select Missing Words. Drag & Drop into Text or Images and Drag & Drop Markers
  • Better course editing – update sections from a single menu and easily format tables or add extra equations
  • Better course tagging, which also allows students to browse courses quickly from tag pages
  • Filter courses by Last Access and display course Upload Date
  • Filter workshop submissions and highlight unapproved database entries.

For Students

  • New table formatting options
  • Add extra equations, including square roots and fractions
  • Delete your own messages
  • With the Moodle Mobile App, you can engage in chats on the move, complete surveys, and find and enroll on courses.

For Administrators 

  • Better plugin management capability
  • Reset Dashboard and Profile for all
  • Improved handling of tags.

The Moodle version 3.0.1 release also brings PHP7 support. This could increase the speed of your Moodle site by 25 to 70%!

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