What People Love and Hate about eLearning Infographic

What People Love and Hate about eLearning Infographic

What People Love and Hate about eLearning Infographic

The What People Love and Hate About eLearning infographic accompanies a new survey by Articulate that offers a deeper view into what people love and hate about online learning. Showcased through an exciting new infographic, the results highlight the survey of over 500 online learners.

The survey and infographic highlight how and why people take online courses, what motivates them, what frustrates them, and what will help improve courses in the future.

For businesses, schools and general personal development, the benefits of e-learning are simply too good to pass up. Online courses are an easy way to cut costs, reduce travel time, boost productivity, and deliver high-quality learning. But what do the folks actually taking the courses have to say?

The e-Learning Star is Shining

  • $107 billion global market for e-Learning by 2015
  • 6.7 million people take online courses
  • 30% of corporate training is e-Learning
  • 80% of organization training online

The Top 5 Benefits of e-Learning

  1. Far Lower Costs
  2. Much Faster Deliver
  3. Learning Any Time, Anywhere
  4. Self-paced Learning
  5. Eco-friendly

E-Learning Saves Companies between 50% and 70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-Learning

E-Learning is Transforming Education

  • 75% of academic leaders include e-learning in their long term growth plans
  • 96% of universities in the United States offer online e-Learning courses

What do Learners have to say about e-Learning?

  • 25% takes mobile courses
  • 52% take for personal growth
  • 55% take courses on laptops
  • 30% take many online courses

What Motivates and Engage E-Learners?

  • 58% of learners want content that's relevant to their lives
  • 52% say like decision-making scenarios
  • 51% want to tackle real-life situation in training
  • 42% are motivate by incentives

What Frustrates E-Learners?

  • 76% find list of procedures and regulations tedious
  • 38% say the get bored with courses
  • 37% hate when the pace is too fast or too slow
  • 20% get frustrated by technology
  • 18% get frustrated when they can't take courses on their devices of choice
  • 12% can't personally relate to courses
Via: https://www.articulate.com
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