What is Virtual Classroom? Infographic

Through superior flexibility and excellent quality, the concept of Virtual Classroom is quite old. It’s become an indispensable learning platform for millions of users and dedicated teachers across the world.

If you’re taking an online class there’s a chance you’re running into this new method of education that can make you look, smart and updated.

But the real aim of virtual classrooms is not to replace the traditional classroom because the technology is advancing, but to offer a more interactive and collaborative learning environment.

While, making education convenient and accessible for everyone under the sun.
Chances are, it’s even powering your pocket and time, which makes the info-graphic you’ll find below indispensable.

It seems online education particularly, virtual classrooms, have a high engagement rate, but for students who appreciate the convenience and cost, virtual classroom could open doors to a college education. And provide opportunities to collaborate and interact with experts’ world wide.

For a larger and printable version click HERE.

How would you like to see virtual classroom woven into the traditional learning environment? Tell us in the comments.

Via: http://www.timelesslearntech.com/images/virtual-classroom-infographic-larg.jpg
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