5 Industries That Will Drive Virtual Reality In Corporate Training

5 Industries That Will Drive Virtual Reality In Corporate Training

5 Industries That Will Drive Virtual Reality In Corporate Training Infographic

Newer technology like Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential of becoming the next big enabler in the Learning & Development and eLearning industry.

Due to the growing use cases and applications of VR for numerous industries. Following the trend, the scenario of education and learning technology has changed.

With the integration of technologies like VR and AR, learning will be more immersive and learner friendly.

The synergy of learning and Virtual reality will create a better experience by providing a simulated environment through visuals.

Organizations from various industries are always looking to improve standard methods of training and development for their workforces; ensuring minimum errors resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Virtual reality enables institutions and organization with different requirements to create content and attract the learner’s attention.

Industries such as healthcare, engineering, travel, real estate, education, military affairs and many more have already started using and exploring additional applications of the Virtual Reality technology for training and effective learning and development.

Select custom eLearning solution providers are already on the mission of integrating technologies like AR and VR in their products.

5 Industries That Will Drive Virtual Reality In Corporate Training Infographic

Medical training

VR will help medical students to master skills without touching a real human body. VR will provide endless virtual scenarios for learning medical procedures in a risk-free environment.

Retail Training

Employers can use VR to train their staff in numerous real-life situations without risking their reputation or losing business. VR is emerging as a breakthrough in learning and training technology for the retail sector.

Aerospace Training

VR provides a wide range of advanced and professionals content modules for flight-simulation, with 360-degree VR and full-motion VR headsets. Additionally, VR is used to train staff on aircraft maintenance and the cabin crew on in-flight service.

Manufacturing Sector

With VR, manufacturing industries can replicate every aspect of the device used in the industry. Trainees can practice without causing any potential damage to the equipment.

Hospitality and Tourism

Travel agents can learn about their itineraries with a quick VR activity. they can also get training on travel destinations, soft skills, customer management and tour knowledge.

Via: https://kitaboo.com/5-industries-will-drive-virtual-reality-corporate-training/
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