How to Use PowerPoint Effectively Infographic

How to Use PowerPoint Effectively Infographic

How to Use PowerPoint Effectively Infographic

The How to Use PowerPoint Effectively Infographic presents a three step process towards an effective presentation using PowerPoint.

1. Planning

Whatever you do, don’t rush into it. Begin by concentrating on your story. What are you trying to tell? How can I condense my story so I can efficiently communicate it with my audience? Break down the key points of the story, then break it down even more into simple terms.

2. Design

Learn from the experts. The following three thought leaders have a unique presentation style.

Steve Jobs – Minimalism
  • No distracting backgrounds.
  • Use short, memorable text.
  • No bullet points or lists (ironic!).
Guy Kawasaki – 10.20.30 Rule
  • No more than 10 slides.
  • No longer than 20 minutes.
  • Nothing smaller than 30-point text.
Steve Godin – Imagery
  • Use striking, bold imagery.
  • No animated transitions or sound effects.
  • Tell your story.

3. Execution

Now it’s time to perform! A good PowerPoint design provokes emotion and engages the audience.

Here’s a few tips on presenting well:

  • Understand the technical stuff.
  • Don’t be motionless.
  • Make it about the audience, not you.
  • Believe in your material.
  • Tell your story in simple terms.
  • Don’t read from your slides.
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