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Why It Is Important to Understand Mobile Infographic

Why It Is Important to Understand Mobile Infographic

Mobile Learning is the eLearning trend that is revolutionizing traditional eLearning. The mobile technology boom has led to an increase in mobile device ownership, and market research shows that people are accessing digital content more often on smartphones and tablets than desktop computers. This means the design and delivery of online learning must use innovative approaches for compatibility with the mobile shift.

As we look at the Why It Is Important to Understand Mobile Infographic, all statistics point to the fact that mobile device usage is on the rise. Tablets and smartphones are now the go-to sources for information, and eLearning professionals should be focused on mobile-friendly eLearning courses.

Some fascinating stats include:

  • By 2019, 20% of devices will record emotions used to create individual responses or crowdsourced analysis by the system.
  • Consumers in mature markets will use and own three to four personal devices by 2018.
  • Learners prefer mobile devices and use them everywhere.
    – 46% in bed before going to sleep
    – 17% while exercising
    – 74% while commuting
    – 75% at work or school
    – 55% while waiting in line
    – 19% in the bathroom
    – 52% in bed after waking up



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