Typing Speed Infographic: How to Get Above the Average Results

Typing is an important skill in today's technology-orientated world. Learning this skill as young as possible will help to get things done faster on college tasks, freelance writing job or what so ever.

If you want to stand out the crowd, you need to get the above the average typing wpm speed on PC keyboard (for men - 44 wpm, for women - 37 wpm).

In order to get the high typing speed follow the next tips:

  • keep a straight back position
  • keep a 50-70 cm distance from the PC screen
  • learn the home row
  • practice online at Typing tutors websites like Ratatype, Typeracer
  • do not put your wrists on the table or keyboard
Via: http://www.ratatype.com/learn/average-typing-speed/
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