Do You Know What’s Trending In Microlearning?

Do You Know What’s Trending In Microlearning?–Infographic

A quick look at the trends in microlearning you should make space for in your training strategy:

1. Microlearning + Mobile Learning

By integrating micro and mobile learning you can provide learners bite-sized learning solutions that can be accessed on multiple devices.

2. Microlearning + Gamification

Ignite the competitive spirit in learners with the use of gamified elements in microlearning modules. You could also make use of gamified assessments.

3. Microlearning + Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in microlearning can be used to create customized learning paths for learners. AI can automatically suggest microlearning modules based on learners' preferences.

4. Microlearning + Social Integration

Microlearning can help employees learn from their peers and interact with experts. After they take a micro module, invite them to discuss the same on discussion forums.

5. Microlearning + Learning Analytics

Learning analytics can be used to track how frequently a microlearning asset is accessed, the completion rates, transfer of knowledge to performance, and much more.

6. Microlearning + AR +VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in microlearning enhance the learning experience.  AR augments the real-world experience by the addition of digital elements whereas VR gives a whole new immersive learning experience.

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