Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic

Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic

Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic

In the growing field of eLearning, soon expected to cross the $107 billion mark in terms of global worth, web seminars or webinars hold the dominant spot. They are easy to use and their ability to actively address and interact with a large pool of geographically scattered individuals remains a favorite in terms of information dissemination and knowledge sharing.

Webinars are both one of the most affordable and most accessible tools for online learning. When choosing a business solution like webinar hosting platform or other collaborative tools, you need to keep your company’s size, budget and general objectives in mind.

The Web offers scores of different webinar solutions, meaning people can easily get lost while looking for the perfect pick – this costs time and money. In order to choose a solution that one will be satisfied with, it’s paramount to understand the needs which are planned to be satisfied.

Webinar clients come with a host of options and an even bigger array of price tags, which makes it hard to strike the perfect balance. There are some things, however, that are always good to have when it comes to functionality and design, and those are a dependable audio-video flow with clear, uncluttered outlay, basic interactive tools such as polls, surveys or graphics, as well as high compatibility with various platforms.

Given that many organisations and businesses are struggling to find just the right solution to match their business needs, the Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic provides a list of first-rate solutions – along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Top 5 Web Seminar Tools

  1. GoToWebinar
  3. Cisco WebEX
  4. Adobe Connect
  5. Webinars on air


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