10 Things To Consider When Selecting Your LMS Infographic

Top 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Your LMS Infographic

10 Things To Consider When Selecting Your LMS Infographic

As the fusion of education and technology proliferates, VET organisations these days have access to a growing range of eLearning systems. With such a wide array to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

If you are not from the educational technology field, doing the homework on Learning Management Systems (LMS) can leave your head spinning. With so many LMS options out there in the market – both proprietary and open-source – choosing the perfect one for your VET organisation can be a bit of a minefield. The 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Your LMS Infographic helps you get past the complex terminology and takes you straight to the meat of what really makes an eLearning system outstanding.

1. Learning Experience

Can this LMS deliver a learning experience that suits your students, delivery mode, and organizational goals?

2. Flexibility & Adaptability

Can the LMS be adjusted quickly in respond to feedback you may receive?

3. 3rd Party Integration

How seamless can the LMS be integrated with LTI and SCORM standards, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, VETtrak, eCommerce...?

4. Collaboration Tools

How easy can your students and staff work together and receive instant feedback?

5. DataReports

Can this LMS provide real time, customized reports that tell you what you need to know about student progression?

6. Custom Branding

Is the LMS white-labelled? Can you custom its features, look and feel and workflow?

7. Ability to Localize

In what way can the LMS be customized to suit different student groups, languages or areas?

8. Easy to Scale

Can the LMS handle steep changes in student number in a short timeframe? How easy is it for your organization to scale up and down?

9. Technical Support

Look for an LMS vendor who can actually provide you with ample training and technical support.

10. Pricing & Hidden Costs

Avoid the hidden costs and inflexibility in the future. Test drive the LMS before you buy.

Via: http://circulus.com.au/10-things-consider-choosing-lms/
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