The Role of Librarians In The Digital Age Infographic

There is no doubt that technology has had a lasting impact on libraries. Once thought to be going the way of traditional bookstores, libraries have rebounded and are thriving in a technology fueled world. With the help of innovation, re-imagination and vision, libraries are embracing new technologies while creating dynamic community centers filled with life. They are no longer a house of dusty books and card files; they are centers of creativity, research and collaboration... and they are free.

Technology has changed the expectations of library patrons; people today expect to be able to find and access information from wherever they are. This is why so many public library systems have increased both computers for use inside the library as well as mobile/online access to e-books, audio books, research databases and archives. But has this digital revolution made the librarian a fixture of the past? The  Role of Librarians In The Digital Age Infographic explores how digital technology is changing libraries and the unique role librarians play in digital information management.

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