The Formula for Language Learning Success Infographic

The Formula for Language Learning Success Infographic

The Formula for Language Learning Success Infographic

Balancing all the elements of a global business isn’t easy, and a key element in the equation is communication. If your employees can’t communicate with their peers (or worse their customers) your business will fail. Proper language-learning tools will make the difference between missed opportunities and better outcomes for your business—but finding the right solution can seem like a challenge.

Five elements of language learning

How can global businesses produce better language-learning results? A good way to start is by considering these critical elements that should be a part of any global training formula:

  • Global Accessibility – Global companies demand accessible learning programs for employees, no matter where they operate.
  • Consistent Delivery and Assessment – Organizations need consistent delivery and progress tracking for their dispersed workforces, and the ability to manage everything on one platform.
  • Language Diversity – Offering just a few languages to employees is no longer enough. Agile businesses need to train staff quickly in the languages spoken where opportunities arise.
  • Scalability – Comprehensive training should seamlessly adapt as employee needs, positions, proficiencies, and lifestyles shift and expand.
  • Personalization – Whether starting fresh or honing advanced skills, today’s learners need on-demand tools and content targeted to meet their unique needs.

Balance the equation

Once the most critical elements are accounted for, it is time to balance the equation. That means choosing a language-learning solution that will drive the better business outcomes you seek.

The Rosetta Stone® Catalyst program delivers three key benefits to achieve that balance:

  • Deeper Workforce Intelligenceis gained by identifying language strengths and deficits and measuring your employees’ progress through their training. Smart tools for assessment, proficiency and progress testing, and critical insight reporting enable your business to focus on building skills that align to your business priorities.
  • Truly Tailored Delivery provides highly targeted learning paths for every learner, available on most devices, and accessible under one virtual roof. Visual and auditory feedback and live online tutoring personalize learning to build learner confidence immediately.
  • Global Organizational Success is supported by 24 available languages, and alignment to global language-learning standards prepares employees to conduct business wherever it arises. A single platform is designed to meet diverse learning needs and customer support focuses on positive learning outcomes.
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