The Technology Driving Mobile Learning Guide Infographic

The Technology Driving Mobile Learning Guide Infographic

The Technology Driving Mobile Learning Guide

Recent research shows that 70% of Learning and Development professionals are planning to introduce mobile learning into their programs before the end of 2015. While mobile devices offer real opportunities for improving performance in our work and daily lives, they are not being fully utilized in the design of learning programs.

Many learning executives have delayed moving forward with a mobile learning strategy despite acknowledging its unique capabilities to engage across geographies and audiences because of a few barriers:

  • Budget considerations
  • Resource and expense associated with transitioning existing content to new platforms
  • Concern that an extraordinary amount of new content will need to be developed

Built on assessments conducted with corporate clients across diverse industries, this useful infographic identifies the most critical mobile learning considerations in a single guide that will improve your eLearning strategy and keep you up-to-date on the decisions being made around learning technologies. This visual guide will walk you through everything you need to know to save money, reuse assets you already own, eliminate barriers and expertly take on the biggest issue impacting the learning industry – the mobile experience.

CGS Learning is an award-winning provider of custom professional development solutions. As the learning provider of choice for many of the world's most admired companies, we have built a strong reputation for aligning complete solutions to client business objectives, while ensuring cost-efficiency and broad user adoption

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