Teaching or Tech Infographic

Teaching or Tech Infographic

Teaching or Tech Infographic: A Country with Divided Priorities

What matters more to parents of school children when it comes to the learning environment of their children, the quality of teaching or the technology resources available to them?

While the answer may be easy for many, it turns out the country is actually divided in its beliefs on this topic. Follett Corporation in August surveyed nearly 600 parents of children in K-8 to see what parents find most important. While the national figures showed equal emphasis on quality teaching (29%) and technology (28%), a deeper look at the data showed that the Midwest and South placed more importance on quality teaching (41% and 33% respectively) while the Northeast and West focused on technology (41% and 31% respectively).

There are clear differences in points of view between the regions, which could be related to a number of different factors including availability of teaching talent or school system resources. The emphasis on tech may also be associated with the ever expanding role of technology in the way people live, work, learn and play.

Here is the full list of what U.S. parents think is most vital to a successful educational experience for their children:

  • Quality Teaching – 29%
  • Technology – 28%
  • Class Size – 13%
  • Personalized Learning – 8%
  • Access to Additional Instruction from Teachers – 7%
  • Quality Textbooks – 6%
  • Ample Curriculum Funding – 4%
  • Ample School Supplies – 4%
  • Other Response – 1%


  • Technology (41%),
  • Quality Teaching (21%),
  • Class Size (11%)


  • Quality Teaching (33%),
  • Technology (22%),
  • Class Size (12%)


  • Technology (31%),
  • Quality Teaching (22%),
  • Class Size (16%)


  • Quality Teaching (41%),
  • Technology (17%),
  • Class Size (14%)
Via: http://www.follett.com/back-to-school/content.cfm?cid=12892.article
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