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Teachers EdTech Study Infographic Plus 400+ Free EdTech Tools for Teachers

5 Facts That Educational Technology Is Essential!

  1. 86% of teachers think it is ‘important’ or ‘absolutely essential’ to use edtech in the classroom
  2. 965 say that edtech increases student engagement in learning
  3. 95% say that it enables personalized learning
  4. 89% say that it improves student outcomes
  5. 87% say that it helps students collaborate

4 Facts That Teachers Do Not Use Educational Technology

  1. Only 19% use subject specific content tools weekly
  2. Only 31% use information or reference tools weekly
  3. Only 24% use teacher tools weekly
  4. Only 14% use digital curricula weekly

The Common Sense Media Survey of Educators was conducted online in the US by Harris Interactive in May 2013, among 764 public school preK-12 teachers, including 659 teachers who use edtech, 235 teachers who are high volume edtech users and 88 teachers implementing 1-to1/BYOD programs, and 205 public shool administrators.

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400+ Free Educational Technology Tools for Teachers!!!

Last but not least, I highly encourage you to check the 400+ Free EdTech Tools for Teachers  that includes:

  1. The 5 Best Free Flashcard Creation Tools for Teachers
  2. TOP 10 FREE Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers
  3. The 5 Best Free Map Creation Tools for Teachers
  4. Top 10 Free Tools for Teaching Reading and Writing
  5. The 5 Best Free Collaboration Tools for Teachers
  6. Top 10 Free Content Curation Tools for Teachers
  7. The 5 Best Free Mind-Mapping Tools for Teachers
  8. The 5 Best Free Note Taking Tools for Teachers
  9. The 5 Best Free Slideshow Presentation and Creation Tools for Teachers
  10. The 6 Best Free PDF Tools For Teachers
  11. The 8 Best Free Video Tools For Teachers
  12. The 5 Best Free Annotation Tools For Teachers
  13. 321 Free Tools for Teachers – Free Educational Technology


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