The Power of Teachers as Collaborative Curriculum Designers Infographic

The Power of Teachers as Collaborative Curriculum Designers infographic

The Power of Teachers as Collaborative Curriculum Designers Infographic

Teaching in the 21st century presents new challenges, but also affords new opportunities. Traditionally, the work of educators has been confined to individual classrooms. While they have deeply impacted their own students, their impact beyond their classrooms has been somewhat limited.

Technology opens new doors for collaboration and extends the work of excellent teachers. Teachers can share their passions, struggles, research and lessons easily with each other online, as well as work together to create powerful experiences for students around the globe. The creation of such learning experiences requires dedication and innovation.

This is why a teacher-developed curriculum is so important. Teachers are on the front lines of education every day, and are the most familiar with which student needs are not being met and preventing them from being successful. Teachers as collaborative curriculum designers and developers are able to directly benefit student learning as well as their own professional development.

This infographic complements the recently released Getting Smart bundle on Teachers As Collaborative Curriculum Designers, and shares more on how Literacy Design Collaborative supports teachers in developing robust, interactive curriculum that meets the needs of their students and establishes a unique approach to literacy instruction.

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