Teacher's Appreciation Day Around The World Infographic

Teacher's Appreciation Day Around The World Infographic

Teacher's Appreciation Day Around The World Infographic

Teacher's day is celebrated to appreciate the teachers efforts. The idea of celebrating Teacher’s day arose independently in many countries during the 20th century. In most cases, a local educator or an important milestone in education was celebrated which is the main reason for countries not having a common Teacher’s Day throughout the world. Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over the world although the date and manner of celebration varies from country to country. The Teacher's Appreciation Day Around The World Infographic depicts on dates of teacher's day celebration all over the world.

National Teacher Day Around The World


  • 15 Venezuela
  • 16 Thailand
  • 29 Spain
  • 30 Greece


  • First Weekend of February: Mongolia
  • 28 Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, U.A.E., Yemen


  • 7 Albania
  • 9 Lebanon
  • 18 Syria
  • 28 Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • 23 Kislev (3rd month of the Year): Israel


  • 13 Ecuador
  • 30 Paraguay


  • 2 Bhutan, Iran
  • 6 Jamaica
  • 15 Colombia, Mexico, South Korea
  • 16 Malaysia
  • Whole 1st week of May observed as teacher’s Appreciated Week and last day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day: United States


  • 6 Bolivia
  • 22 El Salvador
  • 25 Guatemala
  • First Sunday of June: Hungary


  • 6 Peru


  • 5 India
  • 10 Hong Kong, China
  • 11 Argentina
  • 17 Honduras
  • 23 Brunei Darussalam
  • 28 Taiwan


  • 1 Uzbekistan
  • 4 Bangladesh
  • 5 Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mauritius, Maldives, Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, United Kingdom
  • 7 Laos
  • 14 Poland
  • 15 Brazil
  • 16 Chile
  • Last Friday: Australia
  • First Sunday: Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine


  • 20 Vitnam
  • 24 Turkey
  • 25 Indonesia


  • Last Friday: Panama
Via: http://graphs.net/national-teachers-day-around-the-world.html
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