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Online University Infographic

Online University Infographic For-profit universities are a fairly new innovation in education. Traditionally, higher education institutions-that is, colleges and universities-are non-profit entities. To be classified as "non-profit", schools must be organized for a purpose other than making a profit, and for most schools, this purpose is to offer students a quality education or to support […]

How Online Education Can Save You Money Infographic

How Online Education Can Save You Money Infographic A college education is a must. While there are many brick-and-mortar institutions, a degree from one could cost you more in the end. One economical path to higher education is through an online university. The How Online Universities Can Save You Money Infographic presents how an online […]

Free Education Infographic

FREE online study for everyone! The Free Education Infographic describing the process of enrolling to an online university (MOOC),, powered by Open Universities Australia. Enjoy! If you are funs of Free Education you may also like the Free eLearning Resources and the Free Tools for Teachers!