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Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic

Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic: 4 Tips to Help You Choose How to choose between online degrees and traditional degrees? Read the Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic to get 4 tips and benefits of each to help you make the right choice. The Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic outlines the major differences between a college campus […]

Finding the Best Accredited Online Colleges Infographic

Many students find that an online degree program is the best way to blend academics and the often chaotic pace of life. Plus most programs offer accelerated learning environments which help save time and money over the course of study. All of this and more are reasons why, in recent years, educational trends have shifted […]

6 Myths of Online Colleges Infographic

6 Myths of Online Colleges Infographic Online courses and degree programs continue to grow as an option for going to college. More than 6.7 million students are turning to distance learning as a convenient, cost-effective way to earn a degree and sharpen their skills. But some myths and questions about the quality and value of […]