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Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic

Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic: 4 Tips to Help You Choose How to choose between online degrees and traditional degrees? Read the Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic to get 4 tips and benefits of each to help you make the right choice. The Campus vs. Online Colleges Infographic outlines the major differences between a college campus […]

The Online College Revolution Infographic

The Online College Revolution Infographic The Internet has changed how we live in nearly every conceivable way; why should college education be any different? In fact, online education is truly revolutionizing the higher education landscape. Online learning has already disrupted higher education, as more and more colleges react to student demand by offering classes online. […]

Online University Infographic

Online University Infographic For-profit universities are a fairly new innovation in education. Traditionally, higher education institutions-that is, colleges and universities-are non-profit entities. To be classified as "non-profit", schools must be organized for a purpose other than making a profit, and for most schools, this purpose is to offer students a quality education or to support […]

The 2014 Online College Students Infographic

A Roadmap to Online College Student Decision Making Understanding what resonates with the online student will help colleges and universities better serve this growing audience. The third annual research report on past, present and prospective online students reveals how they think about online education. The “Online College Students 2014: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences” […]