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The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic

The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic It used to be that an Ivy League education was reserved only for those with vast fortunes, family connections, or stellar grades. However, much of academia's top curricula are now available online, free for anyone with an inquiring mind to see. The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic […]

How to Search for Open Educational Resources Infographic

When you’re looking to do something interesting with your class, the internet is the first place that most of you turn for help. The internet holds the keys to textbooks, web tools, teaching guides, lesson plans, apps, and more. But how do you know what’s free for using vs. free for changing, adapting to your […]

How To Use Free Online Resources In A Flipped Classroom Infographic

The using, creating and sharing free online resources in a flipped classroom infographic is based on the results of a survey that the Open Educational Resources Research Hub (OERRHub) conducted to find out how flipped educators are using and thinking about open educational resources. I highly encourage you to read the article Using, creating and sharing free […]