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21 Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument Infographic

21 Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument Infographic Since ancient times, musicians have always been regarded with respect and admiration. But there is more to being a musician that meets the eye or, in this case, the ear! Musicianship comes with a lot of struggles and hurdles but these challenges shape your psyche and mind. […]

10 Edges of Music Lessons Infographic

10 Edges of Music Lessons Infographic Learning to play, perform, and understand instruments will help you or your children amplify the skills desired for social intelligence, as well as academic intelligence. 1. Academic Skills Music and math are directly related when it comes to measuring scales, following the beat, and creating patterns of rhythm. By […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music Infographic

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music Infographic It been shown time and time again how constructive music education is in all areas of cognitive development, but it also proves to be especially helpful to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD). Autism and music seem to go hand and hand when thoughtfully implemented and utilized. As showcased […]

Music Lessons Make You Smarter Infographic

Music Lessons Make You Smarter Infographic Want to sharpen up your mind and have fun while you’re at it? Music lessons, such as singing or guitar lessons, are much more than just a creative pastime – they can help you relieve stress, develop self-confidence, and believe it or not, even make you smarter. The Music […]

The Benefits of Music Education Infographic

Music learning involves active engagement and discipline, resulting in far-teaching benefits to the brain that may include: Improve reading skills Better vocabulary Stronger neural activation in native language 90% of preschool children studied showed increase verbal intelligence after just 20 days of musical training! This infographic takes a look at the various positive impacts that […]

Educational Technology in Music Education Infographic

Why is technology in music class important? Music can be a positive influence during the learning process. Music triggers associated memories and influences your emotions which may help improve memory formation and may help retain new information. According to some studies, learning music entails learning: math, systematic observation of patterns/behavior, rhythm, melody recognition, and communication skills […]