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The State of Digital Education Infographic

The internet continues to disrupt entire industries. Education's internet moment is now. - Education vs. other industries - The education crisis - The changing landscape - Three new education trends - Digital Education today - Digital Education tomorrow - The future classroom - Who's delivering solutions today?

STEM Education Infographic: Does America Have The Right Stuff?

How many amazing students would emerge if America's youth were introduced to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in an exciting and dynamic way? How many more pioneers like Jobs, Zuckerberg, Gates, Brin, and Page would be created by the integration of STEM with innovation and entrepreneurship? - America has fallen behind in STEM - […]

The Gamification of Education Infographic

Gamification has tremendous potential in the education space. How can we use it to deliver truly meaningful experiences to students? - What elements of gaming can we harness for educational purposes? - According to the MIT paper "Moving Learning Games Forward," games in schools today can be used as... - A short history of gamified […]

Blended Learning Infographic: A Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovations fundamentally transform a sector by replacing expensive, complicated, and inaccessible products or services with much less expensive, simpler, and more convenient alternatives. Blended learning is a disruptive innovation in education that can take many forms. At the Blended Learning Infographic: A Disruptive Innovation, your will find out what blended learning is, why it's spreading, and […]