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Top Rules of Engaging eLearning Infographic

Top Rules of Engaging eLearning Infographic Engaging eLearning, i.e. eLearning that makes the audience actively participate and pay attention, is an art all of its own. The Top Rules of Engaging eLearning Infographic presents the rules for creating engaging eLearning content. 1. Know Your Audience Ask yourself these questions: Who are they? What do they […]

Infographics in eLearning Infographic

Infographics in eLearning Infographic Do your learners prefer acquiring and processing information via images, pictures, maps, graphs, charts, illustrations, and other visual aids? Since they are visual learners have you thought of using infographics at your course? People have come to love Infographics since they are attractive and compelling! They simplify data and makes consuming […]

How to Design and Deliver eLearning Content Infographic

Content is a key component of eLearning courses. That is why eLearning professionals need to tailor the content to match the audiences' needs and help them achieving their learning objectives. Also, how eLearning content is presented is very important. Having gathered some of the top quotes by different experts in the eLearning industry, the How to […]