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How Classroom Tech Evolves Infographic

How Classroom Tech Evolves Infographic The How Classroom Tech Evolves Infographic shows what the modern day classroom looks like and presents what the classroom of tomorrow will bring. It explores the tech gadgets that are already being implemented in different schools around the country, and how they’re beneficial to both students and teachers. Times have […]

The Evolution of Classroom Technology: The Journey from Pen to Keyboard Infographic

The Evolution of Classroom Technology: The Journey from Pen to Keyboard Infographic Education and technology has always been in perfect harmony. Right from the days when chalkboards were invented during the 18th century till the interactive whiteboards started revolutionizing classroom learning, when magic lanterns paved the way to overhead projectors, and came pencil and paper, education […]

Classroom Technology Evolution Infographic

Advances in technology have definitely revolutionized the educational world—especially in recent decades. It seems that with each passing year, the traditional K-12 classroom is in the process of implementing a new form of technology. The Classroom Technology Evolution Infographic presents how technology used in the classroom has evolved.