Switching to a Blended Learning Training Program Infographic

Switching to a Blended Learning Training Program Infographic

Switching to a Blended Learning Training Program Infographic

Blended learning is a method of teaching that combines traditional face-to-face instruction with online course delivery. While each individual method has weaknesses, when combined they cover for the weakness of the other, so you end up with the best of both worlds. They complement each other extraordinarily well. Blended learning can be a powerful tool when utilized properly. Check out the Switching to a Blended Learning Training Program Infographic to see some of the benefits!

Online Training

Online training is know as the faster and less costly alternative to traditional training. It is accessible from anywhere and at any time, perfect for a mobile workforce.

Traditional Training

Traditional instruction is more interactive. It allows for a conversation between instructors and learners. But is does require a large time commitment and for all learners to be in the same location.

Blended Learning

Combining the strengths of both learning types, blended learning’s strength is its ability to customize education to meet the needs of individuals. It is very adaptive and accessible to all types of learners. Learners can access information from anywhere and anytime, but still receive the valuable feedback from instructors through meetings or live webinars.

Program Effectiveness

Studies have shown that a blended learning program is more effective than a solely online or solely traditional program.

Extra Benefits

In addition to being more effective, blended learning also teaches learners additional skills, such as:

  • Digital citizenship
  • Information management skills
  • Self-directed learning
  • Web research and collaboration skills
User Satisfaction

Not only is blended learning more effective than other types of learning, it also boast higher ratings of satisfaction with learners and instructors. Keeping your workforce happy boosts retention and engagement!

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Via: http://romylms.com/blended-learning-training-program/
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