Top 6 Reasons Why Students Prefer Digital Content

Top 6 Reasons Why Students Prefer Digital Content – Infographic

Top 6 Reasons Why Students Prefer Digital Content - Infographic

The latest study released by McGraw - Hill Education in partnership with Hanover Research has 3000 students voice their digital preferences in college education. The infographic shows research on why students prefer digital reading over print.

In the study, 81% of students say digital learning technology is helping them boost their grades. Also:

  • 97% students found adaptive learning technology helpful in retention
  • 71% students engage more with digital course material
  • 84% students say digital will enhance knowledge
  • 78% college students confess that digital learning is helping them improve computer science, mathematics, and other t/ A technical skills.
  • 45% students want to learn on personal device 
  • 79% students prefer online quiz, adaptive learning & e-Textbooks in learning

Digital content conversion and publishing can be stated as the initial step towards the synergy of education and technology also called as ‘EdTech’. The same approach was adopted by Educational institutes as well as corporate organizations for training and development of their workforce.

Students nowadays prefer digital content for reading and learning, which is more engaging, which ensures a quicker understanding leading to better grades.

Carrying multiple physical books can be exhausting, unlike digital content which can be stored on a mobile device, easier to carry and can be accessed whenever needed.

Further digital content enables the publishers to add a layer of interactivity which can make learning contextual and close to reality for the students, unlike physical books.

Additionally, it enables the publisher to easily alter content and deploy newer editions with minimum efforts ensuring quicker transfer and consumption.

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