Strategic Lessons from MOOC Pioneers Infographic

To MOOC or not to MOOC is a question many institutional stakeholders are asking right now. The Strategic Lessons from MOOC Pioneers Infographic presents the results of a study on administrator and faculty motivations for pursuing massive open online courses. The study, which involved in-depth interviews with senior university leaders and a survey of faculty all with first-hand MOOC experience, is the largest of its kind conducted to date.

A highlight of the study is the high level of alignment it uncovered between administrators and faculty on the motivations and considerations for pursuing MOOCs. Specifically:

  • Sharing knowledge more broadly and advancing pedagogical development are key motivations for both groups
  • Neither group sees MOOCs as an immediate path to revenue or cost savings
  • Both groups see MOOCs as a way to enhance the on-campus experience, not replace it
  • Both groups acknowledge the significant investment involved in pursuing MOOCs and the limitations of measuring the returns
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